2-3 program


[Grade 2-3]

* All Students present their own discoveries at the Mini Science Fair on Aug. 26  


An Extraordinary Science Camp Experience

The NYIST Science Camp for grades 2-5 will teach your child

  • Key points for basic scientific thinking

  • Identifying the problem and developing the hypothesis

  • Constructing scientific ideas

  • Problem-solving through step-by-step experiments

  • Gathering data and critically analyzing them

  • Questioning and turning raw data into knowledge

  • Optimizing creativity experiencing science

Your child will gain a basic understanding of the two most important concepts of life and environment, pH and electricity. The use of materials from daily life will be used for experimental samples. Experiencing science through hands-on experiments will take your child beyond learning from books. 

Your child has the full potential to develop a deeper understanding of scientific concepts, so give them a chance to enhance their ability to think critically and creatively.